6/22/2020: Two VR papers accepted to UIST 2020. Details coming soon.

2/3/2020: One paper accepted to CHI 2020 and one paper accepted to IEEE VR 2020 (conference track).

1/2/2020: On paternity leave until end of April for my second son Irvin!

12/6/2019: Served as AC for the CHI 2020 Engineering Interactive Systems and Technologies subcommittee.

11/5/2019: I demoed our latest AR research #ProjectPronto at Adobe Max 2019. Hey I’m also looking for research interns next summer to work on AR/VR. Please reach out!

10/20/2019: Attending UIST 2019 in New Orleans.

08/02/2019: Our paper on asynchronous VR collaboration has been accepted to CSCW 2019. ACM link (Open Access). Caitlin put together a nice summary of her contributions to the project, awesome work Kevin & Caitlin!

12/10/2018: Our paper “Tutorivr: A video-based tutorial system for design applications in Virtual Reality” has been accepted to CHI 2019.

11/06/2018: I’ll give a HCI seminar talk titled “Designing In-Headset Authoring Tools for Virtual Reality Video” at UC Berkeley (on 116) and Stanford (on 117).

10/29/2018: Attending XRDC in San Francisco.

04/22/2018: I’ll be attending CHI 2018 remotely on Sunday (April 22) and Monday (April 23). Say hi to my Beam robot! :-)

04/03/2018: Parts of our CHI 2017 paper on VR video editing have been integrated into Premiere Pro (via vrscout).


Pronto: Rapid Augmented Reality Video Prototyping Using Sketches and Enaction
German Leiva, Cuong Nguyen, Rubaiat Habib Kazi, Paul Asente
In ACM CHI, 2020

Slicing Volume: Hybrid 3D/2D Multi target Selection Technique for Dense Virtual Environments
Roberto A. Montano-Murillo, Cuong Nguyen, Rubaiat Habib Kazi, Sriram Subramanian, Stephen DiVerdi, Diego Martinez-Plasencia1
In IEEE VR, 2020 (Conference Paper)

Challenges and Design Considerations for Multimodal Asynchronous Collaboration in VR
Kevin Chow, Caitlin Coyiuto, Cuong Nguyen, Dongwook Yoon
In ACM CSCW, 2019

TutoriVR: A Video-Based Tutorial System for Design Applications in Virtual Reality
Balasaravanan Thoravi Kumaravel, Cuong Nguyen, Stephen DiVerdi, Bjoern Hartmann
In ACM CHI, 2019

Depth Conflict Reduction for Stereo VR Video Interfaces
Cuong Nguyen, Stephen DiVerdi, Aaron Hertzmann, Feng Liu
In ACM CHI, 2018

CollaVR: Collaborative In-Headset Review for VR Video
Cuong Nguyen, Stephen DiVerdi, Aaron Hertzmann, Feng Liu
In ACM UIST, 2017

Vremiere: In-headset Virtual Reality Video Editing
Cuong Nguyen, Stephen DiVerdi, Aaron Hertzmann, Feng Liu
In ACM CHI, 2017 (Best paper honorable mention award)

Gaze-based Notetaking for Learning from Lecture Videos
Cuong Nguyen, Feng Liu.
In ACM CHI, 2016.

Making Software Tutorial Video Responsive
Cuong Nguyen, Feng Liu.
In ACM CHI, 2015 (Best paper honorable mention award)

Hotspot: Making Computer Vision More Effective for Human Video Surveillance
Cuong Nguyen, Wu-chi Feng, Feng Liu
Information Visualization

Direct Manipulation Video Navigation on Touch Screens
Cuong Nguyen, Yuzhen Niu, Feng Liu
In ACM MobileHCI, 2014

Direct Manipulation Video Navigation in 3D
Cuong Nguyen, Yuzhen Niu, Feng Liu
In ACM CHI, 2013 (Best paper honorable mention award)

Video Summagator: An Interface for Video Summarization and Navigation
Cuong Nguyen, Yuzhen Niu, Feng Liu
In ACM CHI, 2012